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Who We Are

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James Nam


Founder of "Eurasia Association

Together For the Better Future" 


  • 1984 - Korea University 

  • 2000-2002 - Quebec University MBA 

  • 2003 - CEO of KHAN CO., LTD 

  • 2009-2016 - The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council Overseas 

  • 2017-2021 - World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations (World-OKTA) Vice-President 

  • 2020~ Representative of Korean Association in Poland 

South Korean industries’ investment into Poland is increasing by the year, and in 2021, South Korea was Poland’s largest investing country.


In the future, Korean companies’ entry into Poland will continue to grow.

For example, Korean companies can advance into the five fields that the Polish government is focusing on in cooperation with their Polish partners based on their strengths.

  • green energy industry

  • eco-friendly transportation

  • health-medical industry 

  • digitalization and IT industry 

  • enhancement of national competitiveness 


The Korean diaspora population in Poland is also growing.

Together with the Korean Association in Poland, we would like to promote Korea further to Polish companies, such as by inviting Polish companies to participate in the Import Goods Fair held by the Korea Importers Association. 

After the Russia-Ukraine war, the world structure will be reorganized.

Ukraine will need to be rebuilt with the help of the US, Europe and another power. 

Poland is geographically situated at the entryway into Ukraine,

And as a result of the war, up until now, over 3 million Ukrainian refugees have sought shelter in Poland, fostering a friendly bilateral relationship.


South Korea has grown from a developing country to a leading country, and has lots of experience in the fields of engineering and social infrastructure.

In 1953, following the Korean War, the GNP per Korean was 70USD but in 2021, the figure stands at 31,000USD.


After the war, the time of Eurasia will begin.

South Korea, the center of the far east, and Poland, the gateway to Europe, can collaborate to play the role as a “balancer of power” and leader of the Eurasia times, through the reconstruction of Ukraine.


In such a time, I formed the “Eurasia Association Together for the Better Future” together with my friends in Poland.

Our Association strives to focus on the following activities.

  1. Economic exchange between Poland and South Korea; exhibits, fairs, forums, conferences, etc.

  2. Various cultural and artistic exchange; art, music, film, theater, etc.

  3. Expand networking and exchanges among the youth for future collaborative relations


We hope you take interest and partake in our efforts.


Thank you.

James Nam 남종석 

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